I cried out to the Father, the Most High God, "Just Give Me The Truth!"
and since then He has revealed many truths to me. When I asked Him what I should name
this website He said, "the same thing you said to Me several years ago, "Just give me the truth!"


I was pondering over the different gospels being preached today in the churches when Yah spoke this to me.  

They Follow ME with their LIPS but they DON'T KNOW ME,
They MOCK ME in their churches and synogogues of Satan.
I will VOMIT and SPIT them out!
I AM the MOST HIGH GOD and they WILL KNOW MY ANGER and FURY for loving not the truth in ME. For there is NO truth in them, and there is no love in them for the truth.
I will walk with MY chosen vessels and I will clean MY houses and no longer will the cries of disillusionment and abandonment be heard.
Tell Them about MY anger! Tell Them about MY Fury.
Tell Them!
-Sherry Shriner,